Why are text surveys effective?

Sent via push notifications or text messages, text surveys are best when you are looking to do a faster research project from a large sample. It is convenient, and it is one of the few methods that allow you to reach specific demographics quicker. Plus, text surveys can be followed up by completion reminders, which encourages a higher response rate overall.

However, there is a stark difference between successful and unsuccessful text surveys. The main reason is knowing how to design surveys that incentivize people to start and complete them and capture a broad, representative demographic. This requires experience in designing and deploying research and expertise in applying best practices across data collection and data quality.

KGS text survey capabilities

We completed over 50,000 surveys & counting, and we are one of the largest data collection companies in North America. Because of this, we have the experience and expertise to design, deploy, and analyze text survey data collected. We have a keen understanding of what is needed to ensure that surveys are completed, and that data quality remains paramount throughout the process. We offer accurate and timely text surveys that can reach a broad demographic because of our skills and experience.

KGS is able to scale surveys as needed, and we ensure that our sample is as representative as possible to give you the best insights possible. Given our built in platform we are able to get in and out of field quickly. We focus on designing and deploying surveys built on best practices and maintaining data integrity. Coupled with our data analysis surveys, KGS Research can give your data more depth and nuance to help you build strategic insight.